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Whether you’re looking for a good ice cream place to take the kids to or you’re simply in the mood for some sweet treats, you can find a variety of choices near you at Blue Moon Ice Cream. With an ice cream menu that features both classic and innovative flavors, you’ll definitely find something to satisfy your sweet tooth.

blue moon ice cream near me

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Superman Ice Cream

Whether you’re looking for Blue Moon Superman ice cream near me or somewhere else, there are a few different brands that produce the flavor. Typically, Superman ice cream is made with three flavors, which is based on Superman’s signature costume colors.

Blue Moon is one of the more common Superman flavors. It’s made with a blend of vanilla, blue and yellow ice cream. You’ll also find ginger and a hint of citrus. It’s popular in the Midwest. You can also find it in New England.

Other Superman ice cream flavors include Black Cherry, Blue Raspberry and Vanilla. You can find the Blue Moon flavor in Michigan at Laura Secord Chocolates. They also sell SuperKid ice cream, which is made with banana and blueberry flavors.

The original Superman ice cream was produced by the Stroh Ice Cream Company. It was first created in the 1920s. It was a subsidiary of the Stroh Products Company, which also sold malt products and birch beer. During Prohibition, the company produced ice cream.

Other companies rebranded Superman and created new flavors, such as Super Moo ice cream. Another regional flavor is Grape Nuts, which is made in New England. There are also versions of Superman ice cream available from Purple Cow and Scooper’s Ice Cream Treats. These flavors vary by maker, but all have a unique flavor experience.

Blue Moon Superman ice cream is often hard to describe. Some fans say the flavor is made with castoreum, a substance found in the castor sac of a beaver. Others argue that the flavor is black cherry. But no one knows for sure.

Superman Ice Cream is one of the most popular flavors in the Midwest. It can be found at various ice cream parlors and stores. You can also make your own at home. You’ll need condensed milk, heavy whipping cream, and food coloring. You’ll also need to freeze the mixture for at least eight hours.

Froot Loops

Described as “a delightful fruit mixture,” Blue Moon ice cream is a Midwestern staple. Its vibrant blue hue, reminiscent of the color of a cosmic blue sky, is said to evoke the taste of cotton candy, Froot Loops cereal, fruit pebbles, or bubble gum.

While Blue Moon’s history is not completely known, it is thought to be an invention of former Petran Products employee Bill “Doc” Sidon, who fled Nazi-controlled Austria with his wife. He worked at Petran in Milwaukee and developed the first recipe for Blue Moon.

The ice cream was sold by several ice cream stands in the northeast. However, the Blue Moon flavor has been kept secret for decades. Despite the popularity of the ice cream in the Upper Midwest, it is not widely available outside that region.

According to the AP, the secret ingredient was used to hide the taste of bitter ingredients. Andrew Plennert, owner of Weber Flavors, told the AP that it was used in food more often than people think.

In addition to its origins, Blue Moon ice cream is also said to be made with artificial raspberry and lemon flavors. The ingredients vary by manufacturer. However, they are similar to those found in Fruit Loops ice cream.

Several regional creameries make Blue Moon ice cream. They do not disclose the recipes, though.

One popular recipe involves egg yolks, cream, and a hint of vanilla. The ice cream is then cooked over low heat. It is then cooled and placed in a covered container. It is then frozen for three hours or overnight.

There is also a blue cone version made by The Konery in Brooklyn. The blue cones are less sweet than the regular waffle cones.

Cotton Candy

Unlike other ice creams, Blue Moon ice cream is hard to find outside of the upper Midwest. The reason may have to do with the formula’s proprietary nature.

As for its origins, the blue moon ice cream has been around for a while. According to the Petran Products company, they used the Blue Moon name as early as 1939. The recipe’s patent has since been acquired by the Edgar A. Weber Co. Similarly, the Daily Scoop at Memorial Union is another local contender.

One of the most impressive blue moon ice cream flavors may be the “Magical Vanilla.” It’s actually a blend of vanilla, lemon, and raspberry. It’s also said to contain a beaver musk additive. The flavor’s trademark is still on the books.

The Blue Moon ice cream may have been a big deal when it was invented, but the true origins of the concoction are still a mystery. It may have been concocted at a company called Blossom Dairy. That company is now owned by Andrew Plennert, who told the AP that the ingredient is more common than you would think.

The Blue Moon ice cream may not have been the first of its kind, but it’s certainly the best. The recipe is still in use at several ice cream shops in the metro Detroit area. Aside from the actual blue moon ice cream, you’ll also find some other funky flavors like lemon pepper, chocolate chip, and strawberry cream.

The Blue Moon ice cream may be a relic of a bygone era, but it’s still fun to try. It’s not hard to see why it has a cult following. It’s a delicious treat that’s sure to impress your taste buds.


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Beaver Musk Additive

Despite the fact that Blue Moon Ice Cream has been a popular flavor in Wisconsin for decades, there are still some mysteries surrounding the origins of the recipe. Several interesting theories have been posited over the years.

One of the most interesting theories dates back to the 1950s. The Milwaukee Theory proposes that the recipe for Blue Moon ice cream was developed by a chemist named Bill “Doc” Sidon. He worked for the Milwaukee company Petran Products in the 1950s.

Another theory states that Blue Moon was created by the Sherman’s Dairy Products company in Michigan. Although this is less likely, it has some merit.

The Associated Press (AP) reports that Andrew Plennert, who owns Weber Flavors, said that the secret ingredient is actually much more common than many people think. He told the AP that Blue Moon ice cream is a “delicious flavor” that is “perfectly balanced with just a hint of orange” and that the formula has been around since 1939.

Blue Moon ice cream has several ingredients, including orange peel, white wheat, malted barley, and coriander. It is also available in bottles, cans, and kegs. It is a very popular flavor in several Midwestern states and it is often included in the Superman ice cream blend.

Several regional creameries are now producing Blue Moon ice cream. Some of these creameries include Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream, Atwood Scoop, and The Daily Scoop at Memorial Union. However, none of these creameries publicly disclose their recipes.

Although a number of different theories have been put forth to explain the origins of Blue Moon ice cream, it seems that all theories have one common thread: the Blue Moon flavor is proprietary. Companies that sell the product are not required to disclose the recipe, which means that people have no idea what’s actually in the ice cream.