Dairy Free Ice Cream Near Me

If you’re looking for a dairy-free ice cream near me, there are a few options to choose from. These include Kaylee’s, Van Leeuwen, Wildgood, and Ben & Jerry’s. There are also vegan options that are available. To see Fried Ice Cream Near Me follow the link.

dairy free ice cream near me

Find Dairy Free Ice Cream Near Me

Ben & Jerry’s

If you’re trying to eat a plant-based diet or are vegan, you’ll want to try Ben & Jerry’s dairy free Ice Cream. This ice cream is made with almond milk and contains no dairy, so you’re free to enjoy the flavors you love. It also comes with a plant-based base that is rich in chocolate and caramel.

You can get this delicious treat in cups, cones, sundaes, shakes, and even frozen yogurt! The company has been making their famous ice cream since 1978, when the first Vermont Scoop shop opened. There are many locations now across the country, and some even offer dairy-free flavors!

You can also find Ben & Jerry’s dairy free sundaes near you. You can find dairy-free versions of the classic vanilla or mocha flavor, or you can try a variety of flavors. There are even vegan and gluten-free varieties.

You can also visit Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops for dairy-free and vegan desserts. You’ll find many flavors, but many of them contain marshmallows and eggs. Many Ben & Jerry’s locations offer vegan smoothies and ice cream cakes. Some even offer vegan frosting.

If you’re a peanut butter and chocolate fanatic, Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy ice cream is sure to satisfy. This classic ice cream is made with chocolate and caramel non-dairy ice cream and is topped with peanut butter cookie or chocolate chip cookie dough.

If you’re dairy-free, you can also find a dairy-free version of Ben & Jerry’s Sunflower Seed Ice Cream. It’s a delicious frozen treat made with sunflower seed butter, salted caramel, and chocolate sandwich cookies. This ice cream also contains pea protein.

You can find vegan ice cream near me at Ben & Jerry’s locations nationwide. Just make sure you check the ingredients list before ordering. Some toppings are not vegan, but you can find alternatives like chocolate sauce, fresh fruit, and nuts. It’s best to ask the staff for advice if you’re not sure what is vegan. Then choose from the many options available.


Kaylee’s Creamery offers ice cream and waffle cones made daily from high quality, natural ingredients. You’ll find seasonal flavors, as well as classic favorites, like vanilla creme filled Cookies and Cream and sweet and salty swirled Caramel. It also offers a selection of toppings, so you can customize your ice cream to your own tastes.

Kaylee’s Creamery also offers a vegan menu and uses a proprietary almond-based recipe. This gives the ice cream a creamy consistency and rich flavor. The company’s dairy-free pint flavors have made it to many retail stores, including Gelson’s Markets and Walmart. Its founder isn’t content to stick to basic ice cream flavors, and instead opts for trendy nostalgic blends.

Van Leeuwen

A dairy-free ice cream shop near you is a great place to treat yourself. These ice cream shops have innovative ingredients and gourmet flavors. In addition to ice cream, these stores serve delicious coffee as well. You can even bring your pets with you to get some dairy-free ice cream!

The company has several locations throughout New York City and Los Angeles. They don’t have a completely dairy-free menu, but there are many vegan and dairy-free flavors to choose from, including oat and cashew milk. Their menu features seasonal flavors that change regularly.

The ice cream is made fresh in Brooklyn. They use only the finest ingredients, and make sure to buy from local farmers whenever possible. Some Van Leeuwen stores even offer vegan ice cream. Their vegan selection includes strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. You can also find vegan and gluten-free options at these stores.


Wildgood dairy free ice cream is a new brand of frozen treat that uses olive oil instead of dairy. This makes the ice cream rich and creamy, yet low in calories and saturated fat. The company’s flavors are named for Mediterranean foods and feature less than 2 grams of saturated fat per serving. The company is backed by the co-founder of Stonyfield Organic and has eight varieties. It’s available at stores like Whole Foods Market and Wegmans.

The extra virgin olive oil used in Wildgood dairy free ice cream contains monounsaturated fats, which nutritionists recognize as healthy fats that lower LDL cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. The other main ingredients include chicory root fiber, pea protein and carob bean gum, which acts as an emulsifier. Wildgood also uses a variety of flavorings.