Good Ice Cream Near Me

If you’re looking for a new place to eat ice cream, look no further. There are dozens of options near you. From Stax Ice Cream to Big Gay Ice Cream to Cookies & Cream, there’s a place for you to satisfy your sweet tooth. But how do you know which one is best? Here are a few ideas.

good ice cream near me

Find Good Ice Cream Near Me

Stax Ice Cream

If you’re looking for a great ice cream shop near you, Stax Ice Cream may be the place to go. This New York City shop has been around for over a year and serves a delicious ice cream that is made in small batches with fresh ingredients. The owner, Vida Feng, is a graduate of Baruch College and has been making ice cream since she was in college. She teamed up with fellow student Sophie Gao and decided to open a store. Since then, Stax has grown into a great neighborhood spot with many unique flavors that combine American and Asian culture. Their Cremella, for example, is a donut sandwich with ice cream in the middle and a glazed donut on the bottom.

Big Gay Ice Cream

Big Gay Ice Cream is a hip New York City ice cream shop that specializes in custom-made flavors for $6 to $8. Its clever branding and marketing strategy make it a great pit stop for sweet toothed New Yorkers. In addition to its fun and whimsical vibe, the ice cream shop also offers drip-proof plastic catcher for spills.

The Philadelphia location is the first Big Gay Ice Cream location outside of New York City. It opened in 2015, but hasn’t been open since early last year. The New York City outpost at East Seventh Street has also closed. The two co-founders of Big Gay Ice Cream have also closed a second location on East Seventh Street. Both of them said the closure is related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Big Gay Ice Cream is one of the most famous ice cream stores in New York City. It has several locations, including the West Village, Madison Square Garden, and the Upper West Side. In addition to serving delicious and decadent ice cream, Big Gay Ice Cream also serves milkshakes and ice cream sandwiches.

Cookies & Cream

If you’re a cookie lover, you’re sure to enjoy cookies and cream ice cream. This unique combination of ice cream and freshly baked cookies is like no other. The texture is smooth and creamy, and the flavor is rich and satisfying. What’s even better is that this popular flavor doesn’t contain any eggs. You can make your own at home and you’ll be surprised by the richness and flavor.

To create the perfect cookies and cream ice cream, you need to start with the base. The base must strike the perfect balance between icy and creamy. You’ll also need to find the right mix-ins for the perfect combination. Cookies and cream is the perfect test case, as it’s the most popular non-chocolate flavor. But you can also try unusual flavors such as balsamic fig and mascarpone, arbequina olive oil, or even a “matchadoodle,” which is like a cookie doughnut.

Erickson’s Dairy & Ice Cream

The window-serve stand serves homemade ice cream. Seasonal flavors are available. It’s a fun place to hang out with friends and family. The menu changes frequently. It’s worth stopping in for a taste of something new. The friendly staff will help you choose the right flavor for your taste buds.

The business has been in the family for three generations. In 1955, Hans Erikson Sr.’s daughter Arlene became involved. She later married Joe Fraser, a farmer from Maynard. In 1961, Arlene and Joe purchased the ice cream business from Hans and his wife. They invested a great deal of money in the business. By 1962, the business was officially renamed Erikson’s Dairy and Ice Cream Inc.

This ice cream is served in kid-sized cones, making it easy for the little ones to eat. The ice cream is thick and rich and not too sweet. It is not as famous as Kimball’s Ice Cream in Carlisle, but its quality is comparable to its counterpart. Special flavors include the peppermint-stick ice cream, which is made with red and green candies. This ice cream is available only during the warm weather. Erikson’s also offers a special ice cream drink called a frappe. It is a mixture of ice cream and milk, and it can also include a variety of toppings.

White Farms Homemade Ice Cream

Located on the picturesque Route 133 in Ipswich, Massachusetts, White Farms Homemade Ice Cream is a great place to stop for an ice cream treat. The store is open seven days a week from March to October. The store features benches and picnic tables, as well as a canopy tent and sandbox. In addition to hard ice cream, White Farms also serves soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt. It offers a variety of flavor combinations, including classic favorites like double chocolate, triple chocolate, and cherry vanilla.

In addition to ice cream, White Farms also offers sandwiches, pizza, pies, frozen yogurt, waffles, and more. The staff at the stand are efficient, and the prices are reasonable. Many local families frequent White Farms to get their ice cream fix. They have been a favorite for years.

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