Places With Ice Cream Near Me

There are many places with ice cream near me that I can visit for a sweet treat. These include Van Leeuwen, Sam’s Fried Ice Cream, Milkbar, and Big Gay Ice Cream. In addition to these places, you can also find other ice cream spots that cater to local tastes. To see Peppermint Ice Cream Near Me follow the link.

places with ice cream near me

Find Places With Ice Cream Near Me

Sam’s Fried Ice Cream

The No-Frills Counter offers fried ice cream desserts in a variety of flavors and crusts. You can also get a custom flavor. During summer months, Sam’s offers ice cream floats for an even better experience. Sam’s Fried Ice Cream is a fun destination for families to enjoy a treat together.

Sam Chau first sold his fried ice cream at street fairs seven years ago. Then, he and his brother opened a shop on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Sam’s Fried Ice Cream doesn’t have much seating and the ice cream melts when the coating cracks.

The Sam’s Fried Ice Cream is topped with a variety of ingredients, including bread crumbs, Frosted Flakes, Oreos, caramel, and condensed milk. Sam’s Fried Ice Cream is also part of the Queens Night Market, which takes place in Flushing Meadows Corona Park every Saturday. Other attractions include $1 tacos, Black cinema screenings, immersive Halloween pop-ups, and sunset sound baths.

Fried ice cream sounds like a disaster, but it’s not. Fried ice cream is a frozen hard dessert that’s breaded and coated in batter. This batter quickly sets into a hot oil and creates a crispy shell around the ice cream. This dish is not only delicious but also healthy, especially for kids.

Van Leeuwen

If you’re in the area and looking for Van Leeuwen ice cream, here are some places to try it. There’s a new Philadelphia location that will be open on Wednesday, March 21, and it’ll feature $1 scoops all day. The shop will also have giveaways and prizes for the first 100 customers. In addition, an ice cream truck will be making stops in the Philadelphia area throughout the coming week to give away free scoops. The new Philadelphia shop will feature a flavor that is a collaboration with Federal Donuts. The flavor will include gouda base, a banana jam, and milk chocolate chips. Van Leeuwen Philadelphia’s founder Ben Van Leeuwen says this is one of his most unique flavors.

If you don’t want to wait to get your ice cream, you can place your order online. You can choose to pick it up or have it delivered. Regardless of which option you choose, you’re sure to enjoy the fresh taste of Van Leeuwen ice cream!

Whether you’re looking for traditional ice cream, vegan treats, or something more innovative, Van Leeuwen ice cream is the way to go. The company’s ice cream is made from scratch in Brooklyn, so you can trust that the ice cream you eat will be made of the highest quality ingredients. Some of their flavors are even vegan, with varieties using oats and cashew milk.

Big Gay Ice Cream

Big Gay Ice Cream began as a mobile ice cream truck and has expanded to four storefronts in New York City. The company is owned by Doug Quint and Bryan Petroff and specializes in novelty ice cream products. Customers can choose from a variety of unique flavors and toppings. Many of their products have a fusion of both classic and unconventional flavors.

In 2009, Big Gay Ice Cream began as an ice cream truck, which won over New Yorkers. In 2015, the company grew and opened brick-and-mortar locations. Then, in Philadelphia, Big Gay Ice Cream opened an outpost. However, this location closed in 2021, citing increasing rents. Now, the company’s four New York City locations are open from 12 pm to 11 pm and are also open until midnight.

The concept for Big Gay Ice Cream is unique and fun. Instead of a typical ice cream parlor, customers can choose from soft serve, pints, and cones. A vegan selection is available for those with dietary restrictions. The restaurant will also serve other vegan options and vegan ice cream.

The Big Gay Ice Cream truck has won awards for being the best ice cream food truck in the country since 2009. The company specializes in high-quality soft serve made with all-natural dairy products. Customers can customize their cones by choosing from a variety of toppings. The truck also offers its own signature creations. Among them is the Rocky Roadhouse, a chocolate ice cream cone rolled in toasted almonds and mini marshmallows. Another popular option is the Salty Pimp, which is a vanilla ice cream cone with a hint of dulce de leche. It comes with a chocolate shell, which makes the dish a decadent treat.

Milkbar Ice Cream

If you’re looking for a delicious, decadent ice cream, try a trip to a Milk Bar near you. The company, which originated in 2008 by Christina Tosi, offers a variety of flavor combinations that are sure to make your mouth water. The brand’s soft serve ice cream is known for its luscious consistency. The company also offers a line of ice cream pints that feature their signature flavors. These pints are available online and in retail outlets nationwide.

Milk Bar has been experimenting with frozen treats for years. Today, they have milkshakes, Cereal Milk(tm), and freshly spun soft serve. Even better, you can now purchase ice cream pints online. The online retail site offers an easy-to-use ordering system so you can place your order online ahead of time.

Milk Bar also has a large selection of flavors in pints. Their “Cereal Milk” ice cream has a cornflake infusion that evokes the milk at the bottom of a bowl of cornflakes. Cornflakes crunch is also featured in the flavor. The sweet base is complemented by unexpected bursts of flavor and a killer texture.

Ollie’s Ice Cream + Stuff

Ollie’s Ice Cream + Stuff is a cozy ice cream shop with artful accents. It offers seasonal flavors and vegan and dog-friendly options. The menu is extensive, and you can find something for everyone. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or just need to refuel after a long day, Ollie’s is the place to go.

If you’re in the area, you can order from Ollie’s Ice Cream + Stuff through Uber Eats. Not all locations offer this service, so make sure to check before ordering. Alternatively, you can order online and track the delivery yourself. Once your order has been processed, Ollie’s Ice Cream + Stuff will deliver your order.

Ollie’s Ice Cream + Stuff is a Brooklyn ice cream shop that serves a selection of sweet treats for both humans and dogs. It is located near Maria Hernandez Park at 158 Irving Ave. The shop’s owner, Eric Kyriakopoulos, is a native of Long Island. He has been living in Bushwick for the past nine years.

Soft Swerve

If you’re looking for an urban soft-serve ice cream place near me, look no further than Bright’s Ice Cream CafĂ©. This place specializes in Asian-inspired flavors and serves soft-serve ice cream with a variety of toppings. The soft-serve ice cream here is made with natural ingredients, and you can customize it to fit your taste and preferences.

The company started as an ice cream truck, but has since expanded to 17 locations in New York City. Their unique flavors are legendary, and they also offer non-dairy options. You’ll also find unique flavors that you can’t find at other ice cream places. Try Fruity Pebbles on a cone, or dark chocolate with a Hong Kong milk tea.

Soft Swerve’s ice cream is vegan and made with natural ingredients. The company uses fresh purple yam instead of store-bought varieties. Its Purple Yam Ice Cream has a subtle taste of white chocolate, and it looks like something out of science fiction.

If you don’t live near a location that offers Soft Swerve Ice Cream, you can order it through Uber Eats. While it’s not available at all locations in New York, the app allows you to order it from anywhere in the city. You can also look at the menu online before placing an order.