Soft Serve Ice Cream Near Me

If you’re looking for soft serve ice cream near me, there are a number of great options. These include Milk & Cream, Gracie’s, and Patisserie Chanson. But you can also try something a little different if you want to splurge. To see ice cream near me open please follow the link.

soft serve ice cream near me

Find Soft Serve Ice Cream Near Me

Xing Fu Tang

A great place to get some Taiwanese-style soft serve ice cream near me is a local outpost of Xing Fu Tang. The shop is known for its brown sugar boba, which is made in an open kitchen. The flavors here are based on a mix of traditional Taiwanese ice cream and traditional Chinese ingredients.

Xing Fu Tang soft serve ice-cream has a rich history of Taiwanese desserts, and their products are authentic. They source their key ingredients from Taiwan and use the same techniques that are used in Taiwan to make their products. You can find several of their locations throughout Toronto, as well as in other areas.

The company is expanding rapidly in the past few years. It now has over 100 stores across Taiwan, the Philippines, Canada, and Singapore. It plans to open its first U.S. outpost in Flushing, Queens.

Patisserie Chanson

If you’re looking for a delicious soft serve ice cream near me, Patisserie Chanson is the place to go. This French cafe has a rotating menu of fancy flavors. These include black sesame, pistachio, rhubarb, and strawberry. Some of the flavors come with sweet pieces of bread.


Gracie’s Ice Cream near me is a popular destination for ice cream lovers. Located next to a courtyard along Kings Highway, this Haddonfield, NJ, location is a classic ice cream shop. It serves a delicious gelato and sundaes and is known for its nice service and reasonable prices. It’s open daily from March to October. It also hosts ice cream socials and kids birthday parties.

Milk & Cream

There are plenty of great places to get Milk & Cream Soft Serve Ice Cream near you. Some of the best locations are in the city. You can get soft serve or hard shell ice cream. Depending on your preferences, you can get different flavors, toppings, and cone shapes.

If you want to eat ice cream on the go, you can’t go wrong with this classic favorite. They have an extensive menu of toppings and delicious vanilla or cookie dough soft serve. Some even have collaborations with other famous brands. For instance, Milk & Cream has partnered with Rugrats and First We Feast to create a unique flavor: Apple Jacks Avalanche. This delicious treat will bring back memories of childhood.

You can find Milk & Cream Soft Serve Ice Cream near you by visiting one of the many stores and restaurants. You can also get ice cream from a coffee shop. In addition to soft serve, some stores even offer sorbet and coffee.


If you’re looking for some soft serve ice cream near you, check out OddFellows Ice Cream Co., a Florida-based brand that’s known for its unique and creative flavors. The brand’s name hints at its quirky aesthetic, but there are more than a few common flavors that make it unique.

OddFellows was created out of a craving during a pregnancy. The owner’s wife wanted to eat ice cream flavored with savory ingredients. So he contacted a friend who was a chef, and the rest is history. Since then, the company has expanded to multiple New York City locations, and now has locations across many states. It also ships, so you can enjoy a delicious treat no matter where you live!

OddFellows has recently opened a second location in Charleston, South Carolina, where it will span 1,400 square feet. It will offer a rotating menu of 30 flavors, including a number of vegan options. In addition to soft serve ice cream, the Charleston location will also serve milkshakes and ice cream floats.

Odds of Thunder

If you’re looking for soft serve ice cream near me, chances are you’ve been to an Odds of Thunder store. These shops have a classic, vanilla flavor. But if you’re looking for a little more variety, check out Supermoon. They have two types of sundaes, one with a croissant inside and the other with two flavors in a twist.


If you’ve ever wished that ice cream could be baked into a croissant, you’ll love this new concept from Halo Top. The company, known for its low-calorie pints, is bringing soft serve ice cream to the East Coast. It will be served in a cruffin called the Supermoon, which is a croissant-muffin hybrid. The first 150 customers to try the cruffin will get one for free. In addition, regular Halo Top flavors will be available.

Supermoon is available in New York and San Francisco. The company offers a limited edition flavor of the month, which they reveal to customers on their website each week. Guests can also order Supermoon donuts, which come in flavors such as Lemon Pistachio, Passionfruit Bay Leaf Jam, and Ferrero Rocher. The bakery is open Friday through Sunday, and you can order Care Packs online.

Ray’s Candy Store

When you’re craving a soft serve ice cream near me, look no further than Ray’s Candy Store. This 24-hour miniature mecca is owned by local legend Ray Alvarez. The store has been a New York landmark for four decades, and has an extensive menu to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Opened in 1974, this New York institution is a landmark in the Alphabet City neighborhood. It is also a favorite spot for celebrity sightings and offers an eclectic mix of sweets and desserts. The famous ice cream truck is the specialty here, and you can even order Belgian fries and beignets to go with your treat. A visit to Ray’s Candy Store is worth the price of admission alone.

Ray’s Candy Store has an amazing menu of unique treats and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Located in New York City, you can order from their website or app. When you’re ready to place your order, you can review the order to make sure that you’re getting exactly what you want.

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