Vegan Ice Cream Near Me

In order to satisfy your craving for non-dairy ice cream, you’ll need to know where to find it. You can try out Kaylee’s, Enlightened non-dairy ice cream, Pretty Cool Ice Cream, or NadaMoo! All of these companies serve delicious vegan ice cream.

vegan ice cream near me


Find Vegan Ice Cream Near Me

Enlightened non-dairy ice cream

If you love ice cream but want to do your part for the planet and the environment, consider trying out Enlightened non-dairy flavored bars. Made from almond milk, these bars are 100% vegan and gluten-free. Featuring classic flavors like peanut butter, banana, and chocolate, these tasty treats are perfect for everyone.

A typical serving has just one gram of carbohydrates and is low in fat and sugar. Unlike regular ice cream, it also contains a substantial amount of fiber and protein. There are no calories or saturated fat in Enlightened, which makes it a healthy alternative to ice cream.

Enlightened is a North American brand that has nationwide distribution. It is the first brand of Beyond Better Foods, a New York City-based company dedicated to creating healthier snacks. The company was founded in 2012 by CEO Michael Shoretz and includes other brands like Bada Bean Bada Boom and Cloud10.

While the most popular dairy-free choice is almond milk, there are several varieties of non-dairy ice cream. A common store-bought brand is Breyers’ lactose-free natural vanilla. Another brand, Archer Farms, makes non-dairy pints and bars from almond milk.


If you’re looking for a place to get vegan ice cream near me, there’s one place in particular that should definitely be on your list. Kaylee’s is a vegan ice cream shop that makes artisanal frozen treats. It features two vegan flavors and offers pints and scoops.

This vegan ice cream shop first opened in 2008 as a food truck. Now it has several locations in the Los Angeles and New York City areas. It offers a variety of vegan-friendly flavors like strawberry shortcake, cookie crumble strawberry jam, and matcha & monk fruit. The store also offers sundaes and vegan ice cream sandwiches.

In NYC, you can find vegan ice cream in nine different creameries. Ice cream is a delicious treat throughout the year, but it’s especially delicious on a warm summer night. It’s nice to know that vegans don’t have to miss out on this summertime treat. With more people embracing a dairy-free lifestyle, ice cream no longer has to be a luxury.

Pretty Cool Ice Cream

Pretty Cool Vegan Ice Cream is a delicious way to enjoy dairy-free, plant-based treats. Most of its flavors are made with coconut, almond, or soy milk, and its ingredients include nothing from animals. It is available at grocery stores like Whole Foods, Bristols, and Sprouts. Some of its popular flavors include passion fruit layer cake and brown sugar chunk.

Pretty Cool Ice Cream is a Chicago-based dairy-free company that uses soy milk as the base for its vegan ice cream. The company also offers shakes and novelty flavors on sticks. Its products are dairy-free, organic, and non-GMO. The company has two locations, one in the Loop and one near DePaul University.

The company’s coconut-based ice creams have a creamy consistency, making them a great choice for people with dairy-allergic or gluten-sensitive diets. The products are free of artificial sweeteners and do not contain any trans fats. It also has a lower-fat content than most traditional brands. And it tastes just as delicious as ice cream!

A great way to get dairy-free, vegan ice cream is to make it at home. For instance, you can make your own by freezing a banana and blending it with peanut butter or cocoa powder. Then, share it with friends! Soon, more people will be discovering the benefits of vegan eating.


Everyone’s favorite cookie, now gluten free and vegan, is blended with sweet crème. The result is a dessert that your taste buds won’t believe is a non-dairy treat. Featuring a dairy-free organic coconut milk base and 100 percent vegan ingredients, the Cookie is guaranteed to leave you satisfied.

A new Austin location is on the way for NadaMoo!, an Austin-based vegan ice cream company. The new store is set to open on June 15 and will sell all 14 flavors. The new store will be located at the Zilker neighborhood, replacing an Italian gelato shop. Customers will be able to purchase coconut milk-based ice cream, as well as other vegan baked goods and coffee made with plant-based creamer.

The company is committed to reducing its environmental impact. The company sources its ingredients ethically, and aims to minimize the impact of its frozen desserts. Last year, the company introduced “I’m Green” packaging for its products, which contains 100 percent renewable sugarcane. The company distributes its products nationally, and has its own scoop shop in Austin.

NadaMoo! coconut milk ice cream was first introduced in Austin in 2005, and it has since expanded rapidly to include more than 20 flavors. Pints of the brand can now be found at Whole Foods Market, Walmart, Wegmans, and Stop & Shop stores. The company also sells the product online.

Another popular dairy-free ice cream brand is So Delicious Dairy-Free. This family-owned company has been in the business of making dairy-free ice cream for almost 30 years. It uses organic and Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients. Furthermore, it does not use hydrogenated oils or trans-fats in its products.

Wilton Creamery

If you’re looking for vegan ice cream near me, Wilton Creamery is an excellent option. This upscale establishment has an elegant, loft-style interior, and a great menu of non-dairy options. You can even order your favorite flavors for takeout. You can track your order using the Uber Eats app or by visiting the store’s website.

If you live near Wilton, you can also get delivery through Postmates. These restaurants offer free delivery in Wilton, and you can schedule a time that is convenient for you. You can also sort by how much the delivery fee is. You can also sign up for Postmates Unlimited, which offers a guarantee of $0 delivery for all orders.

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